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Band News! 5 piece Rock band is out! TB on Bass.
Catch the "Sound Renown" near you. 

Friday Oct 21 6:30-9 at

Suncliff on the Lake

6892 Lake Shore Rd, Derby, NY

(Thurs Oct 27, 6-9 I will be

on Bass with "Sound Renown"

Buffalo Distilling Co.)

Jimmy Shy and Phil B at McCarthys Pub Caz

Tony Jim Phil JF 2019.jpg
Jimbofest 2019
Tony Jackie 2 JF 2019.jpg
Tony Randy JF 2019.jpg
Tony Jackie Jim JF 2019.jpg

Jimbofest 2019 with Jimmy Shy

hot Mama's.jpg
Tony Jimbofest color 1.jpg
porchfest 1.jpg
Mooneys best.JPG

TB & Jimmy Shy

Porchfest Tonawanda aug 2018

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