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Tony has been on the WNY music scene since 1989 playing bass with Lance Diamond (pop/funk), Gregg Juke (blues), Tin Roof Jazz (dixieland), Mr. Funny and The Bleeding Hearts (classic rock).

In addition to live and recorded Bass, Keyboards, Drums, and vocals, Tony has added acoustic and electric guitar to his newly developed solo act. Look for relaxed rock and blues covers from Paul Simon to Eric Clapton as well as original compositions at a club or coffee house near you.

"Skinny G and The Meatballs"
What do you call 4 Italians in a funky 70's cover band? My Dad used to call me "skinny Guinea with the meatball eyes" (that was the 60's). So "Skinny G" was formed with 4 veteran WNY musicians: Mike Renzoni, Rob Guido, Bruce LaMantia, and me.
Call it funk, sax rock, jazz, improv...If you must put us in a box - or just come by and watch 4 friends have a great time doing what we love. Thanks Teresa, Kathy, Cheryl, and Jeannie for your support!
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